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Controlling the mind

The mind controls the body through the apparatus of the nervous system. The mind controls the emotions as a dam controls water. The mind lies at the centre of all the operations of the human system. How much more important can mental heath be?

In this limb, the mind is divided into four levels (body, mind, soul, and Spirit), and from these levels various mental states are addressed i.e. calmness, strength, health, love etc. For each of these states, short philosophies, parables, poems, and positive thoughts are given. These become the new patterns of thought in the blueprint of a spiritually successful mind.

These new thoughts burrow into the consciousness and create new mental pathways, alleviating the stale, negative thoughts which proceeded. We must realize that the mind itself is not powerful; it is just like a programmable computer. The real power lays in the operator, which is the real you, the soul. When you step back from your mind and start re-programming it, then you have real mental control. Until then, you are pretty much, in computer terms, just running a program.