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Understanding the science and philosophy of existence

Under no circumstances should people believe any spiritual or philosophical belief without thoroughly satisfying their rational mind. Examine, examine, and examine!

In this day and age, man is more inclined to question what he is told than in previous centuries because our minds are developing so fast. When people tell you about the beginnings of the world, God, etc you should develop a clinical mind which can dissect theories, find more questions, and search for flaws. Then keep searching further until you find an answer which satisfies your rational mind.

I have examined deeply the ancient Himalayan scriptures, called the Vedas, and tested many of their theories out in the laboratory of my own intellect and intuition. Because of this research and constant questioning I have managed to interpret these philosophies and divine realizations and turned many of them into diagrams. These diagrams explain certain spiritually scientific points in newer, more relatable ways.

In this section, I encourage people to open up their scientific mind (as well as the creative mind) to make their thinking more balanced. Here I will teach my understanding of spiritual science and support others in their quest for knowledge in this area.

Thing we need to understand here are what “God” is, where the earth came from, where atoms come from, what is the future pattern for the earth etc. I believe I have these answers, and I wish for my results to be examined, questioned, and tested.