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Expressing the heart and soul

Humans are essentially “feeling” beings. This is what separates us from the machines we create. There is an energy within all beings that requires a connection with others. We are all fragments of the same whole, and part of our function on this earth is to unite. The process of connection requires a medium; that is expression. Whether that be writing, singing, music, art, speaking, or anything else, the connecting force of one soul to another on this earth needs to be adhered to for true happiness.

Creativity is the manifestation of an idea or image within you, in a unique way, which the world around you can cognize. It is a personalization of your life which only you can materialize for yourself. It gives you identity, an outlet for emotion, and also helps other people learn things from you in an underwhelming way.

The creative force exists in us all. None are without it - but some are more disconnected. Creativity means expression, which means making yourself brave enough to be viewed by the world. What you think and feel is on show. To some that is scary, to others it is normal. If you cannot express yourself, you may need to ask why.

In this limb, I will show my creativity, and encourage others who are ready, to also try to open up and partake in being part of the colorful fabric of a living, breathing, and feeling world.

Many people do not realize that stress, tension, anger etc can all have their base in repressed emotions, or trapped feelings. Creativity is a more tempered way of getting those feelings out. Anger is another release, but it is destructive and doesn’t allow any development or progress from the source of irritation. Whereas expressing yourself with intelligence allows yourself and others to perhaps study and see the root cause of the “problem” – and help resolve it.

Creativity is like a plumber. It unearths mental and emotional covers and blockages and brings them out in a “beautiful” way. Even a poem about death and depression is beautiful, because it marks a path someone is making towards happiness i.e. they are releasing dark sentiments, which in time will be fully evacuated, leaving a more philosophical and ultimately spiritual expression.