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Looking after your physical body

In this limb of chi kri, I have used the traditional yoga postures, combined with a few postures, exercises, and variations of postures of my own. I have also added some music based workouts and sequences (Chi kri Hip Hop Yoga etc, the warrior sequence etc)

Looking after the physical body is essential in that it is the housing for all the work you do. If you had a factory where you were making expensive and valuable machinery, but you never tended to the roof, one day it would cave in, or leak, and ruin your work. Likewise, no matter how far you develop in virtually any area of life, if your vehicle is not well maintained, it could surprise you with breaking down at any given time. Yoga is a lot to do with mental and spiritual development, but without a strong, healthy body, your development is certainly harder (not that being imperfect physically will stop you growing, it just gives you distractions and discomforts on your path – which are also lessons in themselves, but if we can avoid them, it is wiser!). The actual practice of hatha yoga develops strength, suppleness, and stamina. This limb works on all the major systems of the body – muscular, skeletal, nervous, digestive etc.

All yoga poses are designed to work internally as well as externally. Though other systems of exercise are beneficial, hatha yoga is one where externalities such as weight loss, muscle size etc are of secondary importance to the inner workings of the mind and body. You can expect to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed after practicing Chi Kri Yoga. Problems like bad backs, tiredness, and poor circulation should eventually clear up with this practice.