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The words “Chi” or “Qi” (to the Orientals) and “Prana” (to the people of India) mean the same thing. They describe one of the subtlest energy that exists in creation. Chi exists in the five elements of creation and in the body of all human beings. Chi is the potency that we live off in air, food, sunlight, water, and even thought. Chi is the sub-atomic vibrative energy that gives power to the oxygen in air, the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the food, and the chlorophyll in sunlight etc. Without this living energy in the elements they would nothing but masses of lifeless molecular structures. Chi also exists closer to home, in fact, within us. Every human being is enlivened because we possess souls. And the energy that the soul imparts to the mind, heart, and body is chi. The chi within us is that which enables us to do simple operations like lift a book, speak, or walk, but it also does the work of healing a wound when you are cut. Chi works with intelligent guidance from our minds, or it works from its “own” intelligence – which is guided by the wisdom and dictates of the subtler mind – the soul.

Considering that chi comes directly from the soul, in its rawest form it is pure and devoid of ego, malice, or selfishness. Yet, chi is a neutral current, and can be used for positive or negative ends. This choice will ultimately affect ones’ karma of course. Chi is the gift of energy we have and respecting it, means respecting yourself.

Chi is in the power of speech, the reproductive fluid, the power of thinking, the automated process of digestion, the growth of hair, and it is even the power of the heartbeat. Now, understanding that chi comes from the soul, and the soul is but a fragmented piece of the boundless Spirit (or God), the limitations of what you can achieve by harnessing your chi are clearly boundless!

Martial artists are a good example of using chi well. Even though in a muscular capacity, many martial artists are not large (take Bruce Lee for example), the power and velocity they can muster is way beyond any direct proportion to the strength giving part of the anatomy (muscle). If muscle size and strength work in direct proportion to each other, then these guys should not possess the incredible power they have. The explanation for the force Bruce Lee could muster is not surprising to those in the field of energy. It was his ability to tap into his chi (supplied directly from his soul) that made him intensely powerful. Watch a top runner when nearing the end of a race. Sometimes the body has completely drained itself of all external resources, but the runners complete the race on their inner energy – chi.

There was once a story I heard when I was younger that illustrates this well. A mother was out with her young daughter. The mother was walking and was involved in a road traffic accident. She was stuck underneath a car (a Mini – a small town car). In such fear and without any thought of limitation (a capacity that strangles chi), the young girl lifted the side of the vehicle in desperation, and the mother crawled out. She had tapped and used her chi unwittingly, people like Bruce Lee done it with consciousness and technique.

In the context of Chi Kri and the things we deal with here, chi is used for the development of the body, the concentration in meditation and breathing (which bring chi under total control), the attunement of thoughts in mind yoga. It is also used in creative expression (as chi is an intelligent and creative force), in understanding spiritual science as the generator behind the minds’ power of reason, and even in diet, and the force behind digestion.

The word kri simply means “to do” i.e. in fact, kri is not really a word; it is a Sanskrit root verb. Thus it is the base to other words in Sanskrit like, “Kriya” – meaning action, and “Karma” – which is the principle of cause and effect in a human’s life i.e. that which you put out, will be returned unto you.

In the context of Chi Kri, kri means acting – with the highest energy, which is chi. Thus, the meaning of Chi Kri is complete.